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This web server will be shut down on 7 December 2021

This EMBnet server has been funtional for more than two decades but the offered services are no longer up-to-date. We ask you to use relevant other servers and thank you for your confidence you provided over the years.

In case you see issues with that, please contact SIB's Core-IT group.

Bioinformatics tools, databases
  • BOXshade - pretty printing of MSAs
  • ClustalW - MSA (Multiple Sequence Alignment)
  • COILS - comparison with coiled-coils database
  • Fetch - obtain sequence from database
  • FTP server - access to tools and DBs
  • iPCR - extract DNA segments between two primers
  • LALIGN - alignment of 2 sequences
  • PRSS - optimal score of alignment
  • TMpred - transmembrane regions detection

More resources: ExPASy: SIB Bioinformatics Resources Portal