Proteomics using Bioinformatics tools 2008

Course objectives

Mass spectrometry plays a central role in proteomics, which aims at identifying and quantifying proteins in biological processes. The overall aim of the course is to provide each student with the fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to understand and possibly perform a proteomics experiment. The course will also allow the participants to appreciate new opportunities in applying proteomics approaches to his/her own research. In particular, participants will learn how to interpret the results of mass spectrometry analysis; they will get insight into experimental planning and analytical issues; and will learn how to use several bioinformatics tools for analyzing proteomics data.

The practical component of the course is substantial and it will take at least ½ time of the course.


Biologists and research scientists with protein biochemistry or molecular biology laboratory experience. No particular knowledge in proteomics or bioinformatics is required.

Registration and Fee

The registration fee for academics is 100 CHF.
The registration fee for industry participant is 150 CHF.

Fees include attendance of the course, course material, coffee breaks, and a social dinner during the week. Extras will have to be paid by participants.

We might offer partial reimbursement of travel expenses to students from the Swiss Universities or other Swiss academic institutions. We have no grants to support accomodation costs for the participants of the course.

Registration deadline: 18th of January or until the maximum number of participants (15) will be reached.


The final schedule is available [here].

Location, housing and transportation

See Organisation page.