Proteomics using Bioinformatics tools 2008

Course materials

Lecture handouts will be distributed. Course materials will be available for download here:

Mon. 28.1
Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics
Protein Identification and quantitation
Tue. 29.1
Practical Course
Wed. 30.1

Thu. 31.1
Mass spectrometry data analysis using Bioinformatics tools
Fri. 1.2
Course evaluation

MS/MS spectrum

Group1 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group2 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group3 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group4 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group5 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group6 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group7 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]
Group8 [file.dta (plus)][file.dta (minus)]