Introduction to Bioinformatics course 2005


The rapidly increasing number of nucleotide and amino acid sequence data has become a major source of information for biomedical researchers. Knowing how to use appropriate software tools running on powerful computers is a necessity for biologists wanting to identify new genes or new patterns. Too often, students in biology do not even know that these tools are available. Fortunately, the emergence of web interfaces to access databases and analyze sequences has made the field accessible for most scientists.
The importance of the new discipline of bioinformatics has been underlined by the creation in March 1998 of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. We think that this introductory course is an important part of the training of every student in biology or biochemistry.

Course objectives

  • To ensure familiarity with basic computer concepts and their everyday use in a biological laboratory setting.
  • To acquaint the students with the structure of molecular sequence databases and with the methods to analyse their contents.
  • To present some of the biological resources available on the Internet and their usefulness (or lack thereof).
  • To introduce the participants to the resources available through the Swiss EMBnet node, and to train them in their usage.

Registration and Fee

The registration fee for academics is 100 CHF.


The schedule is available here.

Location, housing and transportation

See Organisation page.