Introduction to Bioinformatics course 2005

Practical organisation

The course is held in a one-week session, and requires full-time attendance during this week. Lodgings and meals are organized for students unable to commute from their places of residence.

The course is organized at the University of Bern. The locale is the Zellbiologisches Zentrum of the University of Bern. The Zellbiologisches Zentrum can be conveniently reached by public transportation (see below).

Sessions runs from 9:00 to 18:00 approximately, with a lunch break. As a general rule, each half-day consist of a theoretical introduction of 90-120min, while the rest is spent doing practical exercises under the supervision of the course staff.

The course is supported by the Swiss Committee for Molecular Biology. We have currently no funding to give support to the participants, but we might offer partial reimbursement of travel expenses to students from the Swiss Universities or other Swiss academic institutions.

The registration fee for academics is 100 CHF.

: Lorenza Bordoli

Location, housing and transportation

The course will be held in the seminar room C159 of the Institute of Cell Biology and in the Bioscience library (Fachbereichsbibliothek Bühlplatz-FBB) of the Zellbiologisches Zentrum, University Bern. Travel information how to reach the Institute of Cell Biology (the library is in the same building) can be found here.

Housing will be arranged at the Hotel Arabelle close to the Institute of Cell Biology.

The address of the Hotel is:
Mittelstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern
Phone +41 31 301 03 05
Fax +41 31 302 42 62

Information how to reach the Hotel can be found on the web site of the Hotel.

Course staff

Technical aspects

The number of participants is limited by the number of assistants and by the number of workstations available in the classroom. No proprietary software is used, only a web browser is required. Every effort is made to ensure that the skills acquired during the course can be used at any academic site connected to the Internet.