Proteomics course 2004:

Proteomics Using Bioinformatics Tools

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The development of technics to separate and identify proteins like 2D-PAGE and Mass Spectrometry has been successful over the last years, however the progresses of bioinformatics tools and databases allows the use of more complex samples to analyse. The aim of this course is to introduce the theory and practice of proteomics using bioinformatics tools, with the description and the use of some of the most useful methods and computer programmes currently available.
The importance of bioinformatics has been underlined by the creation of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in March 1998. We think that this course is of major interest to those studying protein identification, whether working with a single or with many proteins.


The course was held in March 1-5, 2004 and formally announced through the embnet-news mailing list. The registration form is available here.


The schedule will be available here.

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