Introduction to Protein Structure Bioinformatics 2007


Three-dimensional protein structures are key to a detailed understanding of the molecular basis of protein function. Combining sequence information with 3D structure gives insights for the development of effective rational strategies for experiments such as site directed mutagenesis, studies of disease related mutations, or the structure based design of specific inhibitors.


Biological and biomedical research scientists and graduate students without prior training in the field of protein structure.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to expose the participants to 3-dimensional structures of macromolecules, especially proteins. It describes the experimental methods used to solve these structures, and databases used to archive, annotate and classify protein structures. Analysis and visualitation softwares will be used to display, analyze, compare and interpret protein structures. The second part of the course is dedicated to protein structure prediction and molecular simulations.


The course was held from February 19 to February 23, 2007 and formally announced through the embnet-news mailing list. The registration form is available here.


The schedule is available here.

Location, housing and transportation

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