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DNA microarrays course 2001
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This course is targeted to students in biology or biochemistry who are interested in the DNA chips and microarrays technologies. The aim of this course is to familiarize graduate students with the DNA microarray technology and with the analysis of gene expression data.
Two days (Part I) will be devoted to the labeling of mRNA samples, hybridization and scanning of microarrays.
Two days (Part II) will concern computer analysis of microarray data and database management.
The minisymposium will focus on global analysis of gene expression with emphasis on results obtained with DNA microarrays and presentation of new large-scale technologies.

Participants can register separately for each part.
Part I is limited to 12 persons, part II to 24 persons, and the minisymposium to 100 persons.

*** WARNING ***

Due to the limited number of places for Part I, we would appreciate a letter of motivation.
Please send this letter to:
Laurent Falquet
155, ch. des Boveresses
CH-1066 Epalinges
Or by email to:

Only one registration by laboratory will be accepted for part I and II.

We will close the registration on January 31, 2001 or earlier if the maximal number of participants is reached.


The course was held in February 26 - March 2, 2001 and formally announced through the embnet-news mailing list.


The schedule is available here.

Location, housing and transportation

See Organisation page.