Statistical analysis applied to genome
and proteome analyses



The course is aimed at biomedical graduate students and research scientists. The purpose of the course is to present and discuss selected methods for the analysis and interpretation of data produced with modern genomic technologies.
The course is structured with presentations in the mornings and computer lab in the afternoons (mostly in R, likely some MATLAB). In the lab, methods will be applied to case studies.
The course will cover: unsupervised and supervised analysis methods for class discovery, class discrimination and modular analysis, applied to microarray gene expression data; an introduction to methods for the analysis of whole-genome SNP array data for genetic association studies; and motif identification in biological sequence data using improved background models and score distributions.


Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows with basic training in applied mathematics and statistics, basic training in the use of the R software (only a quick reminded will be provided). The SIB course "Introduction to BioStatistics" and "DNA Microarrays data analysis" are good preparations to this course.


The course was held from February 04 to February 08, 2008 and formally announced through the embnet-news mailing list.

Registration deadline: December 31, 2007


The schedule is available here.

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