Statistical analysis applied to genome
and proteome analyses

Course materials

Printed copies of all lecture handouts are distributed at the beginning of the course!

Mauro Delorenzi
  • Differential gene expression, power and linear models.
  • Exploratory unsupervised analyis. (pdf)

  • Vlad Popovici
  • Class discrimination for microarray studies. (pdf)

  • Pratyaksha Wirapati
  • Analysis of multiple datasets and public databases. (pdf)

  • Sven Bergmann
  • From Singular Value Decomposition to modular analysis of gene expression data. (pdf)
  • Genetic association studies: Introduction to the analysis of whole-genome SNP-array data. (pdf)

  • Félix Naef
  • Motif identification with position dependent weight matrix Estimating background models and score distributions. (pdf)