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Both major sequence databases and some secondary databases are available for downloading by anonymous FTP. They are physically distributed between Lausanne and Geneva. The sequence databases are distributed in native, fasta or GCG formats, and are compressed "on the fly" using GNU gzip. Please use standard anonymous FTP if you want to retrieve uncompressed or Unix compressed files. The major databases are updated once a week.

Supported formats and links
  • EMBL and updates
  • Swiss-Prot and updates
  • dbEST (expressed sequence tags)
  • non-redundant protein database, including automatic translation of nucleic acid databases
  • REPBASE (repetitive elements)
  • Yeast genome (DNA and protein)
Secondary databases Supported formats and links
  • EPD (eukaryotic promoter database)
  • PROSITE (protein sequence motifs)
  • Boxshade
  • pftools 2.3
  • prosite_scan
  • TMpred
  • ESTScan
We encourage Swiss users to use this repository if they want to maintain local copies of the databases. It will save them time (faster connections) and money (network traffic at half the cost).