RAxML BlackBox
Paste your sequence alignment
Must be in Phylip format, or convertible by readseq
or upload a file
Gamma model of rate heterogeneity
If not checked, CAT model will be used
Protein sequences
If not checked, dna sequences will be assumed
The name of one or more (comma-separated) outgroup(s) can be specified
This option allows you to specify an incomplete or comprehensive multifurcating constraint tree in NEWICK format. More help here.
Binary backbone
This option allows you to pass a binary/bifurcating constraint/backbone tree in NEWICK format. More help here.
Use a mixed/partioned model?
You may provide an alignment partition file. More help here
Maximum likelihood search
Will search for best-scoring tree after the bootstraps
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When publishing results obtained via the web-server please cite:
A. Stamatakis, P. Hoover, J. Rougemont
A Rapid Bootstrap Algorithm for the RAxML Web-Servers,
Systematic Biology, 75(5): 758-771, 2008