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Prediction of Coiled Coil Regions in Proteins

COILS is a program that compares a sequence to a database of known parallel two-stranded coiled-coils and derives a similarity score. By comparing this score to the distribution of scores in globular and coiled-coil proteins, the program then calculates the probability that the sequence will adopt a coiled-coil conformation.
COILS was described in:

  • Lupas, A., Van Dyke, M., and Stock, J. (1991)
    Predicting Coiled Coils from Protein Sequences,
    Science 252:1162-1164.

For further information see the updated COILS documentation. The program is also available by ftp

  • Usage: Paste your sequence in one of the supported formats into the sequence field below
    and press the "Run Coils" button.
    Make sure that the format button (next to the sequence field) shows the correct format
    You may change the options below:

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